Premier League predictions: Bournemouth vs Spurs, Arsenal vs Brighton, Chelsea vs Watford

Saturday, May 4th, 2019 8:00am

By James Gray @jamestingray

The Premier League is supposed to be the most unpredictable league in the world, so we've asked Love Sport's very own to predict it!

Bournemouth vs Tottenham

Luther Blissett: Spurs cannot help but rest players for this game ahead of their Champions League semi-final and Eddie Howe will be desperate to finish this season strong - 1-1

Ian Stone: It wouldn't surprise me if Tottenham took their eyes off the prize on the South coast this weekend - 1-1

James Gray: When Martin Allen says Bournemouth win, you're supposed to follow him but I just think Spurs will manage a point, even in their depleted state - 1-1

Martin Allen: Spurs have so many injuries and their mind is unlikely to be on this game. I think they've looked tired in recent weeks too - 1-0 Bournemouth

Paul Mortimer: 2-2

Bell & Spurling: 2-1 Bournemouth

Patrick Christys: 2-1 Spurs

Richard Lee: 2-1 Spurs

Iwan Thomas: 2-2

Chelsea vs Watford

Luther Blissett: Chelsea are weak defensively so I'm going with my heart and Troy Deeney to bully them all over the pitch - 1-0 Watford

Ian Stone: A Europa League hangover? Seems likely to me and Watford are no pushover - 2-2

James Gray: Much as Watford have impressed me, Hazard might have a bit of a point to prove after being benched in Germany - 2-0 Chelsea

Martin Allen: Eden Hazard is mustard at home and Watford have an eye on the FA Cup final - 2-0 Chelsea

Paul Mortimer2-2

Bell & Spurling: 2-0 Chelsea

Patrick Christys: 2-0 Chelsea

Richard Lee: 2-0 Arsenal

Iwan Thomas1-0 Watford

Arsenal vs Brighton

Luther Blissett: Brighton have struggled for goals and Arsenal's strikers are going to be a real handful - 2-0 Arsenal

Ian Stone: This is a must-win game for the Gunners and Brighton do not have the same weapons as Crystal Palace - 3-0 Arsenal

James Gray: Arsenal are great at home and terrible away, but their defence is a problem everywhere - 3-1 Arsenal

Martin Allen: Brighton are safe now so the focus will be gone and Arsenal decent at home and need a win - 3-0 Arsenal

Paul Mortimer3-1 Arsenal

Bell & Spurling: 2-0 Brighton

Patrick Christys: 3-0 Arsenal

Richard Lee: 2-0 Arsenal

Iwan Thomas3-1 Arsenal

Bradford vs AFC Wimbledon

Luther Blissett: Bradford are already down and so should relax into the game against Wimbledon, who are not great scorers - 0-0

Ian Stone: I expect the intensity and desire of the Dons to stay up will drag them over the line - 1-0 Wimbledon

James Gray: Wimbledon have a fabulous amount of belief now and I don't believe they will fluff their chance to confirm safety - 1-0 Wimbledon

Martin Allen: Wally's Wimbledon will be safe, which is a heroic effort by him and his players, worthy of The Great Escape! - 1-1

Paul Mortimer: 2-1 Wimbledon

Bell & Spurling: 1-1

Patrick Christys: 2-1 Wimbledon

Richard Lee: 1-1

Iwan Thomas1-1

Wycombe vs Fleetwood

Luther Blissett: I will not be the only one hoping for a miserable weekend for Joey Barton... - 1-0 Wycombe

Ian Stone: I used to like a girl who was a Wycombe fan. That's all my expertise on this one - 2-0 Wycombe

James Gray: Gareth Ainsworth is unlikely to do much more than set Wycombe up for the draw - 0-0

Martin Allen: I think Joey's lads will come out fighting and have too much for Wycombe, who have had a terrible run of results - 2-0 Fleetwood

Paul Mortimer2-1 Fleetwood

Bell & Spurling: 1-1

Patrick Christys: 2-0 Wycombe

Richard Lee: 1-1

Iwan Thomas2-1 Wycombe

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