About LOVE SPORT Radio

Love Sport Radio is a sport and current affairs radio station bringing you all the latest news and scores. Listen on Digital Radio | Online bit.ly/LOVESPORT | Mobile

Our presenters include Ian Stone, Brian Moore, Luther Blissett, & Iwan Thomas

How to Listen

Digital Radio

Look for LOVE SPORT on your car dashboard and your digital radio set. Sometimes you might need to re-scan your radio set so it can pick up all the new radio stations that have become available. It’s always worth doing this once in a while anyway.

Online & mobile platforms

Listen now!

The great thing about digital platforms is that you can listen to our great station anywhere in the world so feel free to join us whenever and wherever you are. You can visit lovesportradio.com to listen live to the station and of course you can download our LOVE SPORT apps in the Android and iOS app stores.

You can also get your daily fix of LOVE SPORT radio through Radioplayer and TuneIn along with many other streaming partners.

If you have a smart speaker, you can also listen in by saying to your smart speaker, "open LOVE SPORT".