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Sport England vs Barbarians cancelled due to Covid breach

England's game against the Barbarians on Sunday has been cancelled after a group of around 12 Baa-Baas players breached Covid protocols, leaving them unable to field a team.

Sport Pele at 80: Busting the myths surrounding the Brazilian great

For a certain generation or three, Pele will always be the greatest. Officially, the player of the century and the only three-time World Cup winner. Unofficially, the man whose amazing displays helped to redefine football as the beautiful game. There will never be another.

Love Sport Exclusives Comment: Three defenders Manchester United must sign this summer

Manchester United are still trying to sign Harry Maguire but Love Sport's own columnist Tom Wade has come up with three alternatives if they miss out on the England centre-half. Catch him every Friday at 1.45pm on The James Gray Show...

Love Sport Exclusives 'Frank Lampard, Petr Cech, Joe Cole... names will not matter unless they win!' - ex-Blue

Frank Lampard and his coaching team at Chelsea will have to start winning games quickly or fans could turn on them despite their status as legends at Stamford Bridge, according to one former Blue.

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