"If Richard Keogh was valuable, they wouldn't have sacked him" - former Derby County star SLAMS club

Thursday, November 7th, 2019 2:15pm

By Francis Whiteley

Lee Croft isn't impressed with how Derby have handled the situation

Derby County find themselves in a tricky situation: The Professional Footballers' Association has said it will "robustly defend" former Derby captain Richard Keogh after the club sacked him for gross misconduct.

Keogh is challenging Derby's decision, with many supporters suggesting that the Republic of Ireland international has been hard done by. 

Speaking to Love Sport Radio, former Derby County winger Lee Croft says he has sympathy for Keogh.

"It's a crazy situation. Derby are looking at him being a club captain, saying he should have been leading by example

"But on the flip side, he wasn't the one drink driving, and he was unlucky to be in the car and sustain that injury. I think it was reckless in all of their parts, but for me it's quite harsh [to sack Keogh]".

Derby County have not sacked Tom Lawrence or Mason Bennet - the two men driving the cars - and some feel that they have acted with the club finances, rather than fairness, in mind. Croft wasn't pulling any punches:

"If Richard Keogh was an asset to Derby and they wanted to keep him, then they wouldn't have used this as an excuse to get rid of him".

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