"How do I just resume life?", says man who told World Cup Winner Kaka to cut back

Monday, February 10th, 2020 1:28pm

Photo credit @konradborzy on twitter

Reach Out's Abdullahi Ali Aden told Kaka, who was once the world's most expensive footballer, to cut it back as he was in space!

Imagine rocking up to play a bit of football with some of your mates and in the end you have become a viral star. 

That was what happened on Saturday morning for Reach Out's Ali.

Playing in a small sided competition whilst the Adidas cameras were filming, Ali done something most of us could never dare to do. He shouted to a former footballer to slide it back to him instead of letting them to do their thing.

However this wasn't just any ex-footballer.

This was a World Cup, Champions League, Serie A and La Liga champion and Ballon D'or winner Kaká. 

With the Brazilian on one of his famous jinking runs, Ali urged the legendary midfielder to cut it back to him. The Brazilian duly ignored the calls and went for goal himself, striking it perfectly into the top corner. 

Ali and his teammates were unaware that the World Cup winner was due to make an appearance.

"We knew there was going to be a little tournament, there was going to be three teams there. We knew Adidas were going to be there.

"So we rocketed up, had the kits given to us, the cameras were there so we knew we might be involved in the promo for the new predator. 

"They had us in a little circle and said we're going to brief you.

"They turned to Reach Out, my team in black, and said 'We heard you guys need a player'.

"Bearing in mind it's Saturday, 10AM, I'm like if we have an extra player I'd much rather be at home today because i'm not feeling this at all.

"So my body turns towards the edge a bit and to be fair I'm quite glad they cut this out because at the top of my voice, while the briefing is happening, I see Kaka walking towards us and I just go 'F*** off".

"One of the most genuine, nice guys I met." 

Kaka was in Hoxton for an Adidas' campaign.  

When asked by Matt Beadle on Love Sport Radio's Morning Breakfast show why he called for the cut back, Ali claimed it made perfect sense at the time.

"I did shout cut-back because I did feel like I was in space but I never ever knew in a million years that those two sentences I said was going to become such a viral sensation.

"I guess half the country want my head on a stick for even suggesting Kaká should cut it back and the other half saying I have the biggest cojones ever for wanting to get the ball back from Kaká.  

Speaking about his new found fame, Ali is a little confused as to how he'll move on from the day where he played alongside Kaká!

"Do you know what? It's one thing to being a viral sensation but it's another thing playing one-twos with Kaká at your local five side.

"It's like how do I go back to normality after this? How do I just resume life?"


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