Joe Forrester

Joe Forrester has done everything, from hosting shows about sex toys to trying to learn to be a sword-swallower on TV. He spent years as an entertainment specialist covering movie premieres and doing celebrity interviews: making Brad Pitt laugh, Simon Pegg angry and Rachel Weisz scared.

A lifelong Spurs fan, growing up in the glory days of Gerry Francis, Christian Gross and George Graham, Joe thought a life of mid-table drudgery and a Worthington Cup win were as good as it was going to get until Martin Jol and his huge round head came along to give him hope. A Modric, a Bale and even a van der Vaart later, life as a Spurs fan is pretty good so please feel free to call the studio and tell him just how much you hate Tottenham because now, at last, he can take it.

Joe can also be seen being down with the kids on Sky1’s What’s Up TV and Pop Profiles on 4Music, as well as doing his serious face on Discovering Music on Sky Arts. He is also the writer, producer and host of Goal’s Premier League series the #PressureChallenge ... sadly they wouldn’t let him sing the theme tune too.

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