Youtubers react to Jake Paul's Victory over AnEsonGib

Friday, January 31st, 2020 9:46am

This fight had added significance with Jake Paul knowing a victory over AnEsonGib would give him the chance to go toe-to-toe with arch-enemy KSI.

Jake Paul versus AnEsonGib was a highly anticipated fight however the encounter was over within two minutes and twenty seconds. 

The American, Paul, swung several hooks which had AnEsonGib - also known as Ali and Gib- reeling. Gib had stumbled on a few occasions before Paul's right hand punch caused the referee to intervene and end the fight. 

Youtubers went to twitter to give their thoughts and vent their frustrations about the refs decision to end the fight so early.

Harry, who goes with the name Wroetoshaw, is a flat-mate of Ali's and simply wrote following his mate's loss:

British Youtubers Callux and Tobjizzle questioned the refs call to prematurely end the bout. 

 Theo Baker, another Briton who focuses his channel around football, was proud of his fellow counterpart.

Ethan Payne, part of the popular British group the Sidemen, and also boasting a channel with over 3.3 million subscribers, tweeted how proud he was of AnEsonGib.

Calfreezy expressed similar sentiments to Ethan, labelling the Brit still "his GOAT".  

Viddal Riley, a professional boxer by profession with 3 victories to his name - two by KOs - has helped train Gib for this fight and was full of praise for his fighter.

Riley has also helped train KSI who beat Jake Paul's older brother Logan Paul on 10th November 2019. 23-year-old Jake has been eyeing up a fight with KSI in a bid to avenge his brother's loss. 

 Paul was clearly delighted with his first-round victory and had words with KSI post-fight in the ring, suggesting he is next.

However Deji, KSI's younger brother who fought Jake Paul before and lost, wants a rematch before the American takes on his family member. 

We now await to see if a potential fight which would certainly draw in a huge viewership between Jake Paul and KSI can be arranged. 

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