"Under my terms bro"- KSI vs Jake Paul Fight Appears To Be Happening

Friday, January 31st, 2020 3:01pm

KSI and Jake Paul squared up following the American's debut victory last night and it seems a fight between the two is on the cards

Jake Paul defeated AnEsonGib last night in Miami as the two Youtubers made their professional boxing debuts.

The two have been arguing outside the ring for months but when it came down to the actual event, Paul won the bout after just two minutes and eighteen seconds.

The referee stopped the bout during the first round which sent the American into jubilation.

However the drama did not stop there.

KSI, who had previously beaten Jake's brother Logan Paul at the second attempt, has been in Jake's eyeline for some time. The 23-year-old American has wanted to avenge his brother's defeat but first had to overcome his initial opponent. 

As Paul paraded round the ring, he seemed to already have started the verbal battle with KSI. 

When interviewed after the fight by DAZN, Jake called out KSI and mocked his victory over Logan Paul, "I didn't have to win by two-points." This was a dig against KSI because in his second fight against Logan Paul, the American was deducted two points for an illegal punch. As the outcome went down to a points decision, the Brit narrowly won with two judges giving him the win whilst one gave it to Logan.

At this stage, with the two now face-to-face, KSI stated: "I'm going to **** you up", telling Jake to "just wait".

The feisty confrontation continued with a barrage of swear words being exchanged between the pair.   

"I ****** your bro", said KSI in reference to his win over Logan, at which Jake responded that he had KSI's friend (Gib) "planted on his ass".

"You're worse than your bro", KSI retorted at the American- Watford born KSI saw off Logan Paul in November 2019.

However that win only came to fruition because of a "bad call" according to Jake. 

The prospect of a fight, which looked on the cards after Paul defeated Gib, was given further fuel to the fire following KSI seemingly confirming he wants to do battle. 

KSI - real name Olajide William Olatunji - calmly responded to the American's call for a fight by saying "under my terms bro".

The pair were finally pulled apart by in-the-ring security before the two came to blows following Jake saying he was in the "A-Side".

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