Threats to Premier League footballers: "Nothing will change until a player's family gets hurt"

Friday, August 16th, 2019 12:06pm

By Francis Whiteley

The CEO of Intelligent Protection International Limited says it could take a tragedy for things to change

Fears remain for the safety of Arsenal players Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac after they survived an attempted carjacking. They missed the Gunners' opening day fixture against Newcastle United amidst fears they could have become embroiled in a gang war. But these kind of threats aren't specific to the Arsenal duo, they aren't new and, most troubling, they aren't going away.

Speaking to Love Sport Radio, Alex Bomberg, CEO of Intelligent Protection International Limited said that something has to change.

"The clubs must take the lead in this. There's a lot of threats out there, and my honest fear is that nothing is going to change until a player's family get injured".

"Let's be honest about this: this kind of story has been in the newspapers for over ten years. This isn't a situation that is going away, this is a situation that is escalating".

Bromberg also pointed out that in our Instagram culture, if players post expensive watches and cars on social media, they could be advertising themselves as potential high value targets to crooks.

"People are putting themselves and their families at risk by what they put on social media. It's an area that needs addressing".

And, speaking specifically about the incident involving the Arsenal duo in which Kolasinac fought of their knife wielding assailants with his fists, Bromberg suggested the Bosnian international hadn't handled things well.

"He didn't know what he was getting out of the vehicle to. He didn't know if there were two people or ten people, and he could have actually made matters worse by getting out of the vehicle and escalating the situation".

Staying in the car is often the best course of action in these scenarios.

"In that incident, they should have stayed in the vehicle, one should have called the police and the other should have blasted the horn really loudly and driven somewhere with lots of cameras"

"They certainly shouldn't have got out of the vehicle. As long as you're in the vehicle, you have some control - and, if it's safe, you could take evasive action using the vehicle".

And Bomberg was in no doubt: the buck stops with the players' football clubs themselves.

"Safety needs to be on the agenda of every football club up and down the land. The clubs have got to take the lead on this. Good security does not cost a lot of money relative to what these players are earning".


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