Scotland "have to be more consistent", Claims Former Scottish International

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 1:28pm

Scotland narrowly lost to Ireland 19-12 at the weekend due to a number of mistakes according to ex-international Kenny Logan.

Poised at 13-6, Scotland thought they had wrestled this game back in their favour. A Stuart Hogg try and subsequent conversion would have levelled the score and silenced the Aviva. 

However it wasn't to be. Following some quick passes between Ali Price, Balir Kinghorn and Hogg looked to have sent the latter through for an east try but somehow the stalwart lost his grip and dropped the ball before he was able to touchdown. 

A horrendous error to make at such a crucial time, Scotland were never able to quite make up the difference in scores and so Ireland came away with all four points. 

The error-strewn display was all too familiar for one former player, Kenny Logan. 

Speaking to Andy Hodgson's Kicking-Off on Love Sport, Logan was upbeat about the away performance but still annoyed with certain aspects: "I thought the forwards played a lot better and there is a lot more edge to the team. The bit that hasn't changed is the mistakes.

"I hate to bring it up but that Stuart Hogg blunder when he dropped the ball. It can happen to anybody and it does happen. 

"That sort of summed the day up really. We had given about 10 turnovers - at this level you shouldn't be giving away anymore than three or four. There is still a lot to be worked on, definitely.

"I would say we were better than we were in the Rugby World Cup but there is still a lot to work on. There were a lot of positives- they did a lot of the hard stuff but didn't get the easy bits right. 

When questioned as to how the side can rectify those mistakes and thus compete for a higher position in the Guinness Six Nations table, the 70-time capped winger wasn't too sure that much could be done from a coaching aspect.

"From a tactical point of view they played really well, there was a lot of good stuff. 

"The players have to take responsibility for this. You can coach a player but players have to take responsibility. you can't keep looking at coaches and going 'Ah well what are we going to do'? 

"If you knock a ball or drop a ball or you give a turnover everyone knows what you have to do to effect that. The players have to take that on board themselves.

"They have to be more consistent."


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