Roy Keane was such a good player he can dish out whatever he likes, ex-Ireland star Doyle says

Friday, September 6th, 2019 2:46pm

By Patrick Christys @PatrickChristys

'Yeh, it was brutally harsh, but people love it.'

Ex-Ireland international Michael Doyle has sprung to Roy Keane's defence after the former Manchester United midfielder launched a scathing criticism of Jonathan Walters.

Keane questioned Walters' career, joking that it wouldn't take long to check his medal haul.

But Doyle thinks Keane was such a good player he can dish out whatever criticism he likes. He thinks Keane is just being honest, and it makes for box office entertainment.

He told Love port Radio: "That’s Roy Keane, he’s a fascinating character. He’s a fascinating character and it’s great television.

"As I say it’s fascinating. When Roy speaks it makes headlines not only in Ireland but over here as well.

"He says what he thinks and that’s the beauty of Roy Keane. He’s not PC he says what people won’t say and says it how it is.

"Well, course he was. He was one of the best players in the world but for someone like myself it does make you think! You're sat there listening to him talk about Jonathan Waters getting his medals thinking 'oh no!'.

"I know how hard it is to forge a career out in England but it’s a bit disrespectful at times because everyone isn’t as gifted or as good as Roy Keane was or had as good a career as Roy had.

"That interview was his chance to talk about what happened after all the stuff that happened with Ireland. A lot of it that came out with Stephen Ward with the voicemails, Harry After stuff, all that was coming out and it was his chance to address it last night.

"Yeh it was brutally harsh, is it honest, yeh I like to think so, it causes a lot of controversy when he comes out and speaks but people love it."

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