Prutton Previews: Wigan vs Luton Town

Friday, March 6th, 2020 11:48am

By David Prutton

Former footballer, now turned Love Sport presenter and EFL pundit, David Prutton gives us his preview for this weekend's best game and a prediction!

My fixture to look out for this week is Wigan against Luton.

Two teams that have spent quite a lot of the season fighting it out at the bottom; Luton still very much trying to punch their way out of the bottom three. But Wigan, with that wonderful result against West Brom last weekend, get themselves out and then up to the lofty heights away from the bottom three.


I think in Paul Cook they've got a manager who knows how to navigate this portion of the division. They've got players, the likes of Kieffer Moore leading the line very, very well. And I think with the likes of him and Roberts and players that can really cause the opposition problems, I think they will.

Luton, given who they've got upfront- James Collins, I think he's taken to Championship football relatively well in that it's been a tough season.

I think we presumed the way that Luton play football that they would find the Championship slightly easier, which just goes to show how brutal it can be at times. Graham Jones in his first managerial role.


I think it's a fascinating matchup between two teams at the bottom.

Players to watch out for

Kieffer Moore, the aforementioned giant that is up front for them. He scored a delightful goal the other week against Reading which wouldn't have looked out of place in the Premier League, a little back heel through the legs.

I'll go striker again for Luton in James Collins, but also Martin Cranie- scored a cracking goal the other week. I used to be a team mate of his and he never did that at all because he's a defender and defenders don't do that! (Chuckles). But, lovely lad, I hope they do very, very well.


I think come the weekend, it's gonna be a tough, tough job against Wigan.

For me it feels like Wigan are going to just see this one out, especially at home at the DW, a tough place to go. There goes the cliche!
2-0 to Wigan at home against Luton.

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