Online UK Stars Bracing for Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib Fight

Thursday, January 30th, 2020 1:12pm

With the world of Youtube having all eyes on Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib, fellow UK stars are gearing up for the battle and showing their support.

Youtubers have made their way into the boxing scene and they look like they're here to stay.

Logan Paul vs KSI II took place last November and saw more people buy a pay-per-view of the encounter in the UK than when Andy Ruiz defeated Anthony Joshua, according to Eddie Hearn who told Sirius XM's Fight Nation.

That fight between the UK's KSI and the US' Logan Paul had another narrative bubbling away on the side- Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib. AnEsonGib - otherwise known as Gib, Ali and Big Gibber- backwards stands for Big Nose An, a feature of Gib that Jake Paul has been more than ready to bring up in their press conferences.

Jake Paul, younger brother of Logan Paul, is wanting to fight KSI however he will first have to overcome fellow Brit Gib.

Both men are making their professional debuts.

With their professions in the online world, fellow social media and online personalities are now pumped for the fight, which is on 6PM Western time and 9PM Eastern Time in the US whilst it's a late night for UK fans with a 2AM start. 

Tobi, or Tobjizzle as he is known online, is part of The Sidemen- a Youtube group who have a staggering 6.2 million subscribers. The 26-year-old has flown out to support his compatriot.

Chris, from the brotherly duo Two Sync who have over 1.5 million subscribers on Youtube, sent their support to Gib.

Commenting before the fight, as the pair faced off for the last time in the official weigh-in, fellow British Youtuber Calfreezy couldn't believe Jake's actions in the face-to-face. 

Paul, as the pair came inches apart from each other, appeared to scream at his opponent after the pair were pulled apart following an altercation on stage. 

Ali, originally from Saudi Arabia but who grew up in Bath, seems to be the fans favourite heading into this bout. 

A tweet from DAZN USA asked fans to retweet if they want Paul to win, and like if they preferred Gib to win. The 23-year-old Brit overwhelming won the battle of the figures, with the tweet racking up 14.5k likes and just 408 retweets. 


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