Nardiello: some of the Bury players aren't even in the country!

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 7:11pm

By Francis Whiteley

Can the Shakers survive?

Bury's game against Gillingham on Saturday has been suspended after the League One Club were unable to prove their "financial viability" to the EFL. It is the fourth game they have had suspended so far this season, and Bury are now working towards a final deadline of the 23rd of August to avoid expulsion from the EFL.

But Love Sport Radio understands they could have a tough time getting a team together. Speaking to Love Sport Radio, former Bury striker Daniel Nardiello said that some of the players still on the books aren't even in the country.

"The last I heard from a couple of the lads I do know, naming no names, is that they're not even in the country. Some may be, some may be there doing bits and pieces but I know for a fact a couple of the lads who are still contracted aren't even in the Manchester area".

I don't think there's any sessions for them to even take part in. It's just a massive shambles there at the moment".

Speaking to Johnny Burrow and Martin Allen on Posh Boys on Drive, Nardiello had some stern words for Bury owner Steve Dale.

"He should just sell up and save the club because as far as I know there's been legitimate offers and he's just refusing to sell.

"When I look at the statements the club releases, they just make sense. I don't understand why he's holding onto the club when even the players say there's a good deal on the table."

It's concerning times for Bury, and their former striker shares both the frustration and the anger of the fans.

"I'd love to say they'd make it with confidence, but I'm not. If they make it it's going to be very very last minute, but I'm not confident that will happen. The anger is directed at the owner, but the fans also have a lot of anger towards the EFL".

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