Legendary pundit slams English punditry but praises Neville, Keane and Souness

Friday, January 31st, 2020 10:29am

The state of English punditry was criticised by legendary Irish pundit Eamon Dunphy

Eamon Dunphy's voice is synonymous with English top-flight coverage. A former footballer turned expert pundit on Irish Television, Dunphy is a recognisable figure in the industry who is always a fascinating listen to.

Often British coverage of games are criticised for being mundane and lacking nuanced thoughts. The box-office entertainment between Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher has made Monday Night Football a must-watch but punditry is still lacking in some people's opinions. 

One of those people is Dunphy, who is never shy to give an opinion. The ex-Millwall, Charlton and Reading midfielder was asked on the Millwall Fan Show last night for his thoughts on the state of punditry in this country. 

"I retired from RTE but I was doing it for 40-years, with John Giles and Liam Brady primarily. We had very good times and got very big audiences.

"Our analysis was more rigorous and more outspoken than you'd get in England where it is very often bland. There are exceptions- Gary Neville and Roy Keane would be two. Graeme Souness is excellent I think as well.

"There are some good but they don't say very much and they don't want to be critical of people.

"At it's best, probably on Sky when you have Gary Neville, Keane and Souness you couldn't ask for three more knowledgeable people. 

"None of them are reluctant to speak their mind and that's what you want. You don't want to insult your audience and the fans by pulling your punches. If someone is having a bad time or doing things wrong then criticise them - they're getting paid enough. So they're entitled to plenty of criticism if it's justified." 

However apart from the previously mentioned pundits, Dunphy thinks the majority of those who are there to expand on the match aren't good enough.

"That's the way we approach it and that's the way, at it's best in England, it's very good but it's not always at it's best I'm afraid. 

"The people who are doing it are too close to the players who are playing and the coaches. So you need that separation. You can't be friends with the people you're doing a critique on."

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