‘I came ready for war’ - Former Manchester City defender on his spat with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Monday, January 27th, 2020 11:01am

By Josh O’Brien @JoshJohnOBrien1

Ex-Manchester City defender Nedhum Onuoha has shed light on his now infamous spat with Zlatan during the pairs stint in the MLS.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most polarising figures in the history of modern football, every fan has an opinion on the divisive Swede.

Someone who isn’t a member of Zlatan’s fan club is former Manchester City & Real Salt Lake defender Nedhum Onuoha who had an infamous bust up with the striker during LA Galaxy’s clash with Salt Lake last year.

Tempers flared between the pair all game and reached boiling point when Zlatan grabbed Onuoha by the neck off the ball. Onuoha reacted angrily and tensions continued to rise after the full time whistle when Zlatan entered the Salt Lake dressing room.

Speaking to Andy Hodgson’s Kicking Off, Onuoha recalled the bust-up and how the two fared against each other since that game.

“The really interesting thing about that is after the first game there was some level of animosity there but there was also - myself and him, we’ve both played a lot of games, he’s played more than me but I have played hundreds anyway, so I kind of moved on after it happened.”

“But I had to speak about it a lot as he obviously is doing whatever he’s doing, then the second game came and I thought I’m going to level him, I’m going to get him back or whatever.”

Onuoha revealed the bizarre way Zlatan approached the pairs second meeting; “As soon as the game started, he was the nicest guy on the field to me, he was giving compliments, trying to talk - I was so confused as I came ready for war and he was so calm.”

“It was a really really strange moment for me but it’s in the past. He has played against hundreds of defenders that have probably wound him up just like he has probably wound up hundreds of defenders.”


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