Fulham FC legend believes the season should be cancelled

Friday, March 20th, 2020 11:19am

Fulham FC's record goalscorer Gordon Davies outlined the potential issues with a number of proposals which have been suggested regarding how to finish the league season off.

Football in Britain has come to a grinding halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Originally the Premier League and the EFL stated that the league season would be suspended until 4th April at the earliest but yesterday it was confirmed that this has now been pushed back further to April 30th at the earliest. 

Many do not think we will see a professional game of football between two sides for several months with the country trying to comprehend how to fight against this virus. 

Trying to figure out how to resume the league season in order to finish the 2019/20 campaign has seen many varying opinions; some have called for the season to be null and void, others believe it just has to come to an end at some point even if it means the current season continues into the late months of 2020.

Speaking to Miles Blumson on the Fulham Fans Show, Fulham's record goalscorer Gordon Davies went through those various options as to how the season could finish but found faults with many of them, emphasising what a difficult decision the league officials have to make. 

"Well it's a catch twenty-two situation. You've got a situation that everybody is in now that they just don't know when they're going to be back training properly with the squad, with the staff.

"Is the season going to start? Has it already finished? When will it start again? Or has it finished for good? 

"This could go on for months. As I said earlier, you sometimes only need to play one or two games, if we start the league back again and then one player or one manager goes down with a positive [COVID-19] test and you could be back to square one. And I think if that did happen, then I think the EFL would stop it straight away and say 'right, we've tried it and it's not worked. We've got another two or three month delay. It is now going to be null and void'.

"They obviously want to try to finish the season in all the divisions but what I've got a problem with is that they have to finish the divisions and whatever they decide to do has got to run through our pyramid system- it has got to go through the National League, it has got to go through the divisional leagues.

"If they turn around and say we've got to promote the top two and relegate the bottom three or whatever, then they've got to do that in every division from top to bottom and I just cannot see that happening. 

"Any decision they make, apart from finishing the season, is going to be a legal nightmare for every club that thinks they have been hard done by and it's going to be a legal nightmare for the EFL. To be perfectly honest with you, we would probably run into not millions but billions of compensation for clubs because it's just a mind-field when you've got to make a decision like this before a season that may finish. 

"That's why i'm going down the cancellation route because whoever gets relegated, they're going to use cases in the past where people have gone to the last game of the season and got out. And similar with promotion, what do you do? Do you promote West Brom and Leeds and then say Fulham can't go up because they're not in an automatic position. Do you try to play just four or five games with the four teams in third, fourth, fifth and sixth behind closed doors?

"Those in seventh, eighth, ninth or even tenth are close enough to say: 'well hang on a minute, we've got a chance of getting into those playoffs so we need compensation for not being allowed the chance to get into the playoffs'.

"An absolute nightmare and I don't anticipate whoever is making a decision but I think they're going to leave it as long as possible and then it's going to be one decision and that is it."

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