Former West Ham United 'Keeper Understands Fans' Frustrations

Friday, January 31st, 2020 11:42am

Former goalkeeper Jimmy Walker emphasises with the West Ham fans who grown frustrated with the club.

West Ham were promised to go to new heights once they left Upton Park and moved into the London Stadium. Unfortunately for Hammers fans, the club are battling against relegation once again.

Having seemingly stablisied under the tutelage of Premier League winning manager Manuel Pellegrini, the Chilean paid the price for a poor start to the season following a summer transfer window which saw the club's transfer record smashed with the purchase of Sébastien Haller for £45 million. 

David Moyes has rejoined the club to again try get West Ham out of the mess they find themselves in. 

The reappointment of the Scotsman enraged large swathes of supporters, with many suggesting it showed a lack of ambition. Tom Edwards of We Are West Ham, who are part of the West Ham Fans Show, voiced these concerns

Ex-West Ham goalkeeper Jimmy Walker understands why the West Ham faithful are annoyed at the current time. 

"At the moment there's not a lot of positivity out there to chew the bones on if you like. It's one of those that everything that is going wrong can go wrong at the moment.

"I think the fans are so disgruntled and so far away from the team at the minute and the club. It goes back to the switch of stadium. They were promised a lot. I was one that if you're going to go to another level, you probably have to take this move. 

"But when they've not stepped up a level, like the fans were promised, it's really tough for them to get behind the team and generate the atmosphere that is needed in that stadium. 

"Because I have been in the stadium when the atmosphere has been great. The last couple of times i've been it's been quiet, and it's quite depressing to see." 

On the recent figures coming out of West Ham recently and the importance of Premier League safety, Walker thinks the squad should be okay.

"Do you know what? They [The board] have spent some money- spent their money on a lot of players. We've got a decent selection of players there but can't find the blend as a team at the minute.

"You know what it's like. If everything on the pitch is going well harmony goes hand in hand with it and you can start to build behind the scenes. I think it shows a lot of cracks in the pavement as it were. 

"If i'm honest, I don't know where they got from here at the moment. It needs massive investment.

"But you need to look at the picture here and now at the moment. Level points with the bottom three, it's dire straits! If the club goes down they're in serious trouble. That stadium is not to be in the Championship. I don't think anyone ever dreamed of that."

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