Footballers will be missing the dressing room banter claims ex-Norwich player

Monday, March 23rd, 2020 11:26am

Ex-Norwich City midfielder Adrian Forbes discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic will be impacting players and whether he has seen anything like this in his career.

Professional football in England has been suspended until April 30th at the earliest. The sight of seeing stadia filled to the max with supporters hugging strangers after the ball has been thundered home past a despairing 'keeper is a long way away currently. 

Fans have been left without their footballing fix for two weeks now and the wait will continue as the country battles COVID-19. 

The virus has seen football halted throughout the rest of Europe, with games initially being played behind closed doors but soon after it was decided best to just suspend all games.

Many feel for the clubs who will be going through financial hardships and many empathise with the match going fan who yearns to see their team play once more. 

However the players themselves are also missing the buzz which comes from being on the pitch and going into their workplace each day. 

West Brom striker Callum Morton, who is on loan at League Two Northampton Town, told Love Sport Radio how he misses those 3.00PM games on a Saturday

Speaking on the Norwich Fans Show on Sunday evening, ex-Canaries player Adrian Forbes expressed how players will be missing both training with their fellow teammates and the dressing room banter.

Asked initially whether he had ever been in a scenario in his career where he had to be on his own in a state of isolation, Forbes said: "Yeah, the injuries I've had where you're away from the players but that's not a case of being told to be away from people- I had quite a serious knee injury and I missed the majority of a whole season of football through this injury. 


"So i've certainly been in situations where i've been in isolation on my own, in a gym working to get back to full fitness.

"But certainly never been a situation like this where you are physically told you are not allowed to go work or you're told you are not allowed to socialise with the lads or be around the dressing room." 


Forbes went on to explain how footballers might be feeling in this moment in time: "And I think from a footballer's point of view as well the dressing room is a massive part of the journey.

"Yes everyone will see the actual three o'clock on a Saturday or 7.45 in midweek football but the dressing room, the camaraderie and the banter that is born within the dressing room which then reflects performances at the weekday is massive. 

"So I know there will be certain players out there that will be missing that team spirit and missing the lads at this moment in time. 

"But certainly from my footballing days, other than injuries, these sorts of situations aren't really seen."

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