Chelsea will 'spend massive' to sign the new Diego Costa in January

Monday, December 17th, 2018 2:55pm

By Stuart Harlow

Chelsea need to go and find someone like Diego Costa in January to stop their attack becoming one-dimensional, according to one ex-Blue.

Maurizio Sarri's side ensured they remained in the top four on Sunday with a 2-1 away win over Brighton thanks to goals from Pedro and Eden Hazard.

The latter was preferred up front with Alvaro Morata and Olivier Giroud both apparently struggling for form, but former Chelsea defender Gary Chivers reckons that cannot be the long-term solution.

"They need to bring someone in and that’s probably what they’re doing," Chivers told Ian Stone's Comedy Breakfast (weekdays 6.30am-10.30am).

"It wouldn’t surprise me in the January transfer window if they go out and spend massive to get someone.

"Who’s like Diego Costa when he first came over? No-one.

"He was angry all the time, but do you know what, every single defender he played against didn’t want to play against him. You could see that from the off.

"They need someone like that. They need to vary their game a little bit more.

However, Chivers also accepted that Hazard is more than capable of causing problems as a striker.

"Obviously with Hazard coming deep, really I think it should have been the Brighton defensive midfield that should have been picking him up, not the centre-halves because if you drag a centre-half you leave massive gaps," Chivers added.

"No-one picked him up in the end because he was coming in between the defensive midfield and the centre-halves picking the ball up and every time he picked the ball up he just looked dangerous."

Chelsea will now have to contend with a busy festive period, having already been contending with the challenge of a Europa League campaign which will resume with a two-legged clash with Malmo after Christmas.

But Chivers is quietly confident that his former club are on their way to ensuring they will not be playing second-tier European football next season.

"He’s very, very understated Mauricio Sarri. I don’t know if he likes the press or whatever, but he never talks himself up, he always talks about his team, the way they’re playing," Chivers also said.

"He never bigs them up and I like that about him. He does it in a quiet way and in a nice way.

"Like I said, yesterday, for the first 45 minutes they were absolutely superb.

"Against the Brighton team which defended a lot in the first half for me. They didn’t have a proper go. 

"They did in the second half and in the last couple of minutes they had a couple of free kicks wide. I’m not too sure about Chelsea defending free kicks.

"I don’t know what the ratio is for letting in goals, but they had a couple of chances."

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