Burnley have "overachieved massively" according to Burnley legend

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 12:14pm

Glen Little has praised Sean Dyche and the impact he has had in making this side a mainstay in the Premier League

Burnley are now a staple of the Premier League. Since their second promotion to the top-flight under the tutelage of Sean Dyche in 2016, the Clarets have never looked in danger of going down and instead are always looking upwards.

A seventh-place finish in the 2017/18 season saw Burnley enter the Europa League. Burnley in European competition? No-one would have believed you if you said that a few years prior but that is where the club have grown to thanks to Dyche and his team.

Glen Little, who featured over 200-times for the Lancashire outfit, was questioned whether the Turf Moor faithful would ever get bored of just being a stable, mid-table Premier League side and he refuted such a query.

"I think it is that expectation [of staying up] isn't it. It's difficult because a few weeks ago there was a bit of doom and gloom and the crowd were thinking, maybe this is the season we get in trouble and go down.

"But Sean Dyche, he gets them going and they've responded, haven't they?

"For me, keeping Burnley in the premier league, I think they've overachieved massively." 

Little told Miles Blumsom on the Fans Forum that the club keeping themselves in a league which is often swimming in money is an achievement. Before this January transfer window, Burnley had a net spend of just $13.5 million over three years- Brighton's for comparison was $255 million according to Forbes

"I think they've done so well. If they ever got to that stage where they could kick on, could they keep getting into the top-10, I don't know about that because of the finances in the Premier League make it so tough." 


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