Celebrating the unsung heroes of the World Cup and sport

This summer, we have teamed up with the life saving charity St John Ambulance to celebrate their amazing volunteers. And we want you to join us in cheering on these unsung heroes who help make sport happen across the nation.

From the Premiership and Wimbledon to your local non-league match, St John Ambulance volunteers give their time to keep more than 33 million people safe at over 8,000 local and national sporting events. St John Ambulance has supported the sporting community with first aid for over a hundred years –stepping in from the side-lines to save lives with their first aid skills.

So, whether you’ve scored centre court tickets, or are watching a match with your mates, remember that these heroes are ready to leap into action when it matters most. They’re volunteering their first aid skills so everyone can enjoy a scorching summer of sport – and now it’s time to say thank you.

Saving lives at stadiums

St John Ambulance volunteers stepped in to save the life of a football fan who went into cardiac arrest at the Amex Stadium during the Brighton and Hove Albion match against Leicester City on Saturday 31 March 2018.

St John Ambulance volunteers were first on the scene and immediately performed CPR on 46-year-old Paul Forrester, trying to maintain life support until more help arrived. With 10 minutes of CPR and three defibrillator shocks, Paul's life was saved.

There have now been five cardiac arrests at the stadium, and each one has had a successful outcome, with all patients making a full recovery, with no lasting damage. This, says Dr Rob Galloway, is an extraordinary achievement: “The fact that since the Amex opened, we have now had five cardiac arrests out of five who have all survived with a great quality of life is something which actually is remarkable and is thanks to the whole set up we have, especially the St John Ambulance cover."

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Support the unsung heroes of sport

Join us in celebrating the volunteers who help make sport happen across the nation. Find out how you can support the St John Ambulance unsung heroes of sport at sja.org.uk/support