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Who is A Spokesman Said?

A Spokesman Said is YOUR consumer champion.

Use our free tools to make a complaint about a company, switch to a cheaper energy or insurance deal,
and share your experience with others.

From making your voice heard to saving you money, we're in your corner.

A Spokesman Said was set up to fight for the little guy. You can make a public complaint and demand
action from a company that hasn't treated you right.

If you're still not happy, we'll help you switch to one that will.

Use our comparison tools to find a fairer deal on energy, insurance, internet and mobiles.
We're proud to say thousands of ordinary people have made extraordinary savings on A Spokesman

Get a great deal on energy, insurance, and more

We compare energy quotes from the UK's biggest suppliers to provide you with the best deal for your

You can also compare home insurance deals across the market to make sure everything from your new
kitchen to a flat screen TV is properly covered.

And before you hit the road, make sure you have got the best motor insurance with premiums at a
reasonable price.

Guides, reviews and news

Keep your finger on the pulse with our Consumer Hub: stay up to date on the latest news affecting your
personal finance, travel, insurance, shopping, energy and much more.

We also have reviews on major energy and insurance companies - so you know who you're dealing with.

And if you have any questions, our guides will help you make the right decisions - like how to save
energy, how to shop safely online and tips to avoid a holiday from hell.